All Cerros products have a replacement warranty period of 5 years.

In case of any warranty claims or issues with the product, contact the reseller from where the protector was purchased or the manufacturer of garment in which Cerros protectors have been used. The seller is responsible for handling warranty claims and replacements within the terms of this warranty.

The warranty specifically covers only manufacturing defects. It does not cover damage caused by wear and tear, improper care, user errors, mishandling, misuse, neglect, accident, exposure to extreme temperatures or environmental conditions or the degradation of the materials that occur after use.

The warranty excludes loss, damage, cost or expense of whatsoever nature, to personal property, the user or third parties; directly or indirectly caused by, resulting from or in connection with any manufacturing defect in the product.

If it is determined that the product is eligible for warranty coverage, the resolution may include replacement of the defective part or product. Reasonable efforts will be made to provide a timely resolution to the warranty claim, subject to the availability of parts and other relevant factors.

We reserve the right to modify or update this warranty policy at any time without prior notice. The most current version of the warranty policy will be available here on the official website of Cerros.

By purchasing and using Cerros products, the customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound by this warranty policy.