About Zero G

Introducing the Zero-G series of protectors from Cerros, designed to provide unparalleled impact protection that exceeds CE Level 2 standards up to 40%. The Zero-G series is the result of focused research and development, utilising cutting-edge technology to create a product that is both slim and lightweight while offering superior protection, comfort and freedom of movement.

The Zero-G series is constructed with a high-performance, impact-absorbing super polymer that transforms into a rigid and energy-absorbing material when subjected to sudden force. Our proprietary formula delivers unique characteristics that are impossible to achieve with conventional materials, providing exceptional impact protection that exceeds industry standards.

Our in-house design team designs purpose-built 3-D forms to encapsulate this super polymer. The 3D shape, size and coverage of the Zero-G series of protectors enhance the effectiveness of the super polymer.

The Zero-G series is perfect for motorcyclists who require maximum protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort. Whether you're a professional athlete or a motorcycling enthusiast, the Zero-G series of protectors is the perfect choice for you.

At Cerros, we are committed to creating innovative impact protection solutions that prioritise protection, performance, and comfort. The Zero-G series is a testament to this commitment, providing exceptional protection that exceeds industry standards while being slim and lightweight. Choose Cerros and experience ultimate impact protection with the Zero-G series of protectors.